voa常速英语:Ethiopia's PM Declares 'Mission Accomplished' in ...2008-12-14
Ethiopia's PM Declares 'Mission Accomplished' in SomaliaEthiopia's Prime Minister Meles Zenawi has declared "mission accomplished" in Somalia, and told parliament Ethiopian troops will b
voa常速英语:India's Parliament Debates Response to Mumbai ...2008-12-14
India's Parliament Debates Response to Mumbai Terror Siege Indian cabinet members, speaking before parliament Thursday, said those who laid siege to Mumbai certainly came from Pakistan, but they are
voa常速英语:South Africa Cuts Interest Rates to Stimulate Growth2008-12-13
South Africa has joined the global trend of lowering interest rates to combat the current economic slowdown. The move is an abrupt reversal for a country that has been raising interest rates for years
voa常速英语:Obama: No Contacts With Disgraced Governor2008-12-13
President-elect Barack Obama says he did not discuss his vacant Senate seat with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was arrested earlier this week on corruption charges. The scandal has become a d
voa常速英语:US Boosts Aid to Fight Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic2008-12-12
US Boosts Aid to Fight Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic
By David Gollust
11 December 2008The Bush administration says it is more than doubling emergency U.S. aid to Zimbabwe to combat a chole
voa常速英语:Auto Bailout Faces Senate Roadblock as More US..2008-12-12
Auto Bailout Faces Senate Roadblock as More US Jobs Lost
By Kent Klein
11 December 2008Some Republicans in the U.S. Senate say they will block a plan to rescue the country's three maj
voa常速英语:Pakistan Bans Islamic Charity Linked to Mumbai ..2008-12-12
Pakistan Bans Islamic Charity Linked to Mumbai Attack Plot
By Barry Newhouse
11 December 2008Pakistan has banned a well-known Islamic charity implicated in the Mumbai terrorist attacks.
voa常速英语:Obama calls for resignation of Illinois Governor2008-12-11

President-elect Barack Obama joined a growing call for Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to resign on Wednesday amid a state corruption scandal that threatens to become a distraction for Mr. Oba
voa常速英语:Illinois Governor arrested in corruption scandal2008-12-11

Federal investigators have arrested the governor of Illinois for trying to profit from his power to appoint someone to fill President-elect Barack Obama's vacated Senate seat. Governor Rod Blag
voa常速英语:Widespread Protests Continue in Greece2008-12-10
Demonstrations and protests over the death of a Greek teenager, who was shot by a police officer on Saturday, have continued throughout Greece and eve
voa常速英语:Bush Says It is Time for Mugabe to Step Down2008-12-10

U.S. President George Bush has joined other world leaders calling for Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe to step down. He pledged U.S. readiness to help Zimbabwe rebuild once a "legitimate" go
voa常速英语:DRC Talks Resume in Nairobi2008-12-10

Delegations from the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and the rebel National Congress for Defense of the People, or CNDP, gathered for a second day of talks at the U.N. compound i
voa常速英语:Bush Says US Military Stronger Than...2008-12-10

Bush Says US Military Stronger Than Eight Years Ago
U.S. President George Bush says America's military is stronger and better prepared to confront threats than it was before he took office. Spe
voa常速英语:Australia Sees Rise in Illegal Migrants2008-12-09
A boatload of suspected asylum seekers intercepted off Australia's northern coast is being taken to an island center for processing. After a spate of
voa常速英语:Obama Assembling Centrist Team2008-12-09

President-elect Barack Obama was elected last month largely on the promise of bringing change after eight years of the Bush administration. But, some of Mr. Obama's liberal supporters are disap
voa常速英语:DRC Rebels, Government Begin Talks in Kenya2008-12-09

Talks aimed at finding a solution to fighting in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have begun in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi. The meeting is expected to provide the first direct talks between
voa常速英语:Ethiopian Army Sets Up New Bases in Somalia2008-12-09

The Ethiopian army, which had announced it would pull out of Somalia by the end of the year, is reportedly establishing new bases in central Somalia and has yet to withdraw from key positions in
voa常速英语:Rice Urges Pakistan to Act on Terror2008-12-08
U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is urging Pakistan to follow through on its promise to cooperate with the investigation into the Mumbai terro
voa常速英语:Obama Remains Committed to Troop...2008-12-08
Obama Remains Committed to Troop Withdrawal From Iraq
U.S. President-elect Barack Obama has reaffirmed his intention to withdraw American combat forces from Iraq after taking office. Mr. Obama s
voa常速英语:China, US, Vow to Work Together to Help...2008-12-08

China, US, Vow to Work Together to Help Global Economy
China and the United States have agreed to work together to help alleviate the effects of the global financial crisis. The two countries al
voa常速英语:Obama Promises to Move Quickly on Economy2008-12-08

President-elect Barack Obama says he will move swiftly to improve the U.S. economy and promote long-term growth upon taking office next month. Congressional leaders are working with the White Ho
voa常速英语:US Economy Experiences Worst Job Cuts in...2008-12-08

US Economy Experiences Worst Job Cuts in Decades
New government figures show a rise in U.S. unemployment last month, with U.S. employers cutting some 533,000 jobs - the most in 34 years. Preside
voa常速英语:EU Kosovo Justice Mission to ...2008-12-06

EU Kosovo Justice Mission to Consolidate Rule of Law
The European Union said Friday its justice mission to Kosovo would be up and running next week. The mission aims to mentor Kosovo's transitio
voa常速英语:Race for Ghana's Next President Tightens2008-12-06

Voters in Ghana go to the polls Sunday to elect a new government. Two veteran politicians are in a tight race for the presidency. But analysts see the elections as another step in the consolidati
voa常速英语:Cholera Epidemic in Zimbabwe Continues to Worsen2008-12-06

U.N. aid agencies said they are facing enormous difficulties in efforts to contain the deadly cholera epidemic that has affected thousands of people in Zimbabwe. They said the health system in th